The RAI journalist, Emilio Casalini, today and tomorrow in Sciacca to present the project “Cantieri di Narrazione Identitaria”

Il giornalista RAI, Emilio Casalini, oggi e domani a Sciacca per presentare il progetto “Cantieri di Narrazione Identitaria”
18 Novembre, 2019
Le journaliste de la RAI, Emilio Casalini, présent aujourd’hui et demain à Sciacca pour présenter le projet “Cantieri di Narrazione Identitaria”
18 Novembre, 2019

The RAI journalist Emilio Casalini met today with IISS Amato Vetrano students to present the project “Cantieri di narrazione identitaria”.

“Cantieri di Narrazione Identitaria” is a project created to enhance territories and, at the same time, actively involve high school students in this process” – says Emilio Casalini – “The idea was born from the awareness that young people living in a territory can tell about it the soul, often unexpressed, through narrative projects linked to the thousand aspects of the identity of the place: a path that strengthens the relationship between the inhabitants and the environment that surrounds them, creates a new bridge between citizens and institutions, stimulates a healthy sense of belonging to the territory and offers new ideas to attract quality tourism ”.

Partner of Emilio Casalini on the Sicilian territory is the Diffused Museum of the 5 Senses of Sciacca, represented by the president Viviana Rizzuto.

“The Diffused Museum of the 5 Senses intercepts the need to recover a community spirit in the territory” – commented Viviana Rizzuto – “able to focus its energies around a single and common goal: to dust off its hidden and forgotten identity over the years, take it conscience and learning to communicate it to the world.The work carried out by the Ecomuseum therefore finds a perfect union with the project “Identity Narrators” which we are proud to present together with Emilio Casalini throughout the Sicilian territory ”.

“This project – concludes Viviana Rizzuto – combined with the concept of the Diffused Museum, represents an important opportunity to promote our territory, rich in resources, combining tradition and innovation, involving the population starting from schools. In the past few days we have been in Bivona, at the Istituto Comprensivo Meli and we have signed an agreement protocol with the managers to share common projects for training, information and re-launching the territory. The same path will take us to Sciacca on this two day that ends tomorrow with a visit to the IPIA. “